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Xi Zhili

Healthy and beauty to be from the inside out.

From dietary supplement to anti-aging skin care, it is based on concept of nature in our products;

with the Chinese tradition of food and medicine are of the same origin.

All rejuvenation ingredients from nature to help preserve your everyday vitality

Beautiful skin Nana

Fruit with you, Simply renew! 

We are native and nature.

Nature ingredients for your skin to restore the pure beauty.

Your best choice of oil-control and anti-acne skincare.


Farm to Gut, Farm to skin...

M.H. Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has patented plant-extraction technology for the raw materials of fruits and plants as well as being a factory of the dietary supplements and skincare products.

We are committed to becoming a corporate sustainability which makes the purest plants to be delivered to the end users directly.

Not only environmental sustainability and local farming, but we care more about the safety and naturalness of our products.

Partnering up with M.H. Biotech, it will be the beginning step for you to join us to improve the environment and the caring for Taiwan local farming.


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Action Of Sustainability 

Your every little actions with us will be the beginning of being friendly to the environment.

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14th Floor, No. 150, Fuxing North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City


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