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Farm to Gut
Farm to Skin

FSN uses cutting edge technology and science to extract the most potent anti-aging, cellular rejuvenation ingredients from nature to help preserve your vitality.

​Natural organic and sustainable products
bring your health and beauty from the inside out.

 Frusirnag is an original brand of MIT (Made In Taiwan). We cooperate with local farmers to contribute to the sustainable environment and to make sure all ingredients are nature from the farm to gut.

​The Beauty of Miracle Bay in Taiwan.

This Bay area in Pintung is the only inland sea in Taiwan.

With their rich experience, divers,
Riding on a bamboo raft and picking red algae with vigorous skills, the hard work of manually picking red algae.

Exposure to the scorching sun in summer and enduring the biting cold wind in the winter, 
we just want to obtain the best quality natural red algae and let people have the best natural nutrients.

​Local non-toxic vegetable and fruit 

Chunri Township, Pingtung,

Through the natural planting method of vegetation symbiosis, the black pearl wax apple farm land is vigorously nurturing the essence that can be healthy and beautiful.

FSN cooperates with the local fruit farmers in Pingtung, southern Taiwan through fair trade contract to protect the rights and interests of small farmers from being exploited, and at the same time promote more land to avoid the pesticide poisoning and regain natural productivity.

​Exclusive patented plant extract of our ingredients

We believe the beauty and harvest from Taiwan will nourish your health and wellness from the inside out.


​ FSN is a gift for mother.


​Treasure dedicated to mother

As our brand director Jordan's mother suffered from cancer,  he gave up a high-paying job abroad and returned to Taiwan to help the family.

He wanted to bring a natural and healthy lifestyle into the family, so he invested in the field of non-toxic agriculture and developed the exclusive essence ingredients that appear in FSN.

"At first, I simply wanted to give my mother a beautiful gift that she could enjoy even in sickness".  Today the treasures dedicated to mothers at that time have become mature products. Now, they are dedicated to all of you who want to enjoy better wellness of life.

Product Series​



The exclusive formula of our anti-aging natural plant-based ingredients can effectively improve the skin in multiple ways. According to human test (IRB), it has been scientifically proven that the skin wrinkles can be reduced by 30% in 4 weeks, and the skin will restore suppleness and elasticity.



Following the sustainable construction method and cooperating with local farmers to develop pure natural plant-extracted nutritional supplements without adding chemical ingredients, we make our FSN supplemental food more natural and  more secure.

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