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​Men's Series

Frusirnana N-DAO MAN series are all produced locally in Taiwan.
Nano-grade caffeine, as the main ingredient, can help revitalize the skin and balance oil control.


​Men's Series

Caffeine Hair Strengthen Shampoo Mousse

Soothes the scalp, gently cleanses it, and revitalizes the hair roots with elasticity.

​Refreshing Toning spray

​Moisturizing, oil control, and anti-acne all in one! Effectively balances your skin.

Caffeine Oil control facial cleansing mousse

Deep oil control cleanser to help clean pores gently with moussee foam.

Skin Beauty Nana Caffeine Awakening Toner
Skin Beauty Nana Caffeine Shampoo Mousse
Skin Beauty Nana Caffeine Oil Control Facial Wash
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